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Divine Love Messenger is finally here! I’ve waited for years for this dream to come true, to be able to live my passion for helping others in my business and my life seamlessly. Looking back, I realize now that my soul was still in training and I needed to walk it out with the ever-present guidance from God and His Angels.

It’s been a long journey of awakening and discovery and I have learned so much along the way. I’m so grateful for everyone in my life who has walked with me on my soul journey.

I have new services and products and coming soon will be new classes,  my YouTube Channel and Radio Show! I have a new Meetup Group for new events as well. It is the perfect expression of my life work: Intuitive healing (energy work), classes (teaching), Support ( coaching & guiding) and Gatherings (nurturing and building).

Join me on my new pages!

Stay tuned, there’s more on the way!






A Simple, Natural Treatment for Urinary Tract Health

A Simple, Natural Treatment for Urinary Tract Health.

cranberries fight UTI

If you suffer from urinary tract infections, this is a great article by Dr. Mercola saying, “D-mannose helps to nourish your healthy flora because it doesn’t affect “friendly” bacteria. It doesn’t kill any bacteria—it just renders them unable to stay in your urinary tract.”